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About Night Guards

If you know you are grinding your teeth at night, Michael A. Macaluso, D.D.S., PC offers custom night guards to protect your teeth, tongue, and cheeks while you sleep. A night guard can be worn to ensure that you do not unintentionally chip or crack your teeth. If you notice facial pain or swelling, stiff jaw muscles, a dull headache, or tooth pain, you might have bruxism, which means you are grinding your teeth while you sleep. Bruxism is an everyday issue that affects people of all ages. Although the most visible symptom is the deterioration of the enamel of the teeth, bruxism may also lead to tooth pain, headaches, and inflammation with discomfort in your neck and jaw. To guard yourself, contact our general and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Michael Macaluso, for a consultation for a custom-made night guard at his practice in Houston, TX. Defend your teeth while you rest.

Best Candidates

A number of indicators may suggest that you are clenching your jaw and/or grinding your teeth at night. Maybe you frequently wake up in the morning with pain in your jaw, a headache, and facial swelling. Other symptoms are loosened fillings or teeth, chipped enamel on your back teeth, a receding gumline, and tooth sensitivity. Grinding and clenching at night are usually caused by stress but can also be brought on by a sleep disorder, misaligned teeth, allergies, or temporomandibular joint disorder (called TMD).

We also offer mouth guards for our patients who are athletes. Instead of the usual over-the-counter ‘boil-and-bite’ mouth guards available, our custom mouth guards are made with professional-grade materials. These oral appliances are longer-lasting, low-profile, and are the ultimate choice for superior comfort, fit, and protection. Protect your athletes during sports, primarily to prevent concussion and tooth breakage from impact. 

What to Expect

After Dr. Macaluso decides you are appropriate for a night guard, he will obtain digital impressions of your teeth to create your custom night guard. Next, he will send these details to the dental laboratory where your specialized night guard will be made from the medical-grade materials. After your night guard is sent back to us, we will inform you so you can come in for a fitting. Dr. Macaluso may make small adjustments to the night guard so that it fits correctly. You will also be given directions on how to properly care for your night guard so it will last many years. Our mouth guards and night guards can last for up to a decade and are available in a variety of styles.


For maximum night guard efficiency, you will need to wear it each night. Your night guard should relieve or alleviate the discomfort and dental issues created by bruxism, but if it does not, please call our office at Michael A. Macaluso, D.D.S., PC. We will consider additional issues and try other therapies.

In order to keep your oral appliance in good condition, we recommend that you clean and care for both before and following each use. Be sure to bring your night guard to all future appointments, exams, and cleanings so we can replace or adjust the guard as needed.

Defend Your Teeth

Grinding your teeth can lead to pain and discomfort in a number of ways. Night guards are a safe option to lessen the fatigue that results from the unpleasant symptoms of jaw clenching and teeth grinding. Customized night guards may also benefit your overall oral health and deter future complications. To learn more about night guards at Michael A. Macaluso, D.D.S., PC, set up a consultation at our Houston, TX facility.

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