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About implant Crowns

When there is nothing to substantially hold a crown, a dental implant post is made for the foundation. Then, a crown can be fixed on top of it. The post makes the replaced tooth durable for chewing and will not to change the alignment of your bite. Your implant crown is placed to look and perform like a real tooth. It will blend with the shape and color of your other teeth to give you a natural-looking smile. Most frequently, an implant crown restores a single lost tooth, but sometimes, two teeth could be combined and connected to one implant.

As one of the most recent advancements in dentistry, Dr. Michael Macaluso is very happy to offer replacement crowns for patients with implants. When it is time for you to have a crown put on your implants or if you need to replace a broken implant crown, please contact Michael A. Macaluso, D.D.S., PC in Houston, TX for the restorative dental treatment you deserve.

Best Candidates

You are a candidate for an implant crown after you have the posts surgically placed in your jaw. At Michael A. Macaluso, D.D.S., PC, we do not perform implant surgery. However, we can make the crown for the implant posts or replace a broken implant crown.

What to Expect

If you are having an implant crown placed, you will already have the post inserted into your jawbone. The temporary will be removed so that impressions can be made for the crown.  The impressions will be sent to a dental laboratory to make the crown. You will return for another appointment for the placement of the implant crown. When your implant crown arrives at our office, we will call you to schedule your implant crown placement visit. Dr. Macaluso will connect and adhere your implant crown to the post in your jaw. If necessary, he will make minor alterations to the implant crown to make sure the fit is appropriate and secure.


After every step of this process, our team will offer you home recovery directions. After your last implant crown placement appointment, you should still continue to schedule yearly dental exams and twice-yearly cleanings at Michael A. Macaluso, D.D.S., PC. Additionally, you need to brush and floss your teeth (even with an implant) for good oral health.

WE Have You Covered

Whenever you're missing a tooth, it may result in negative side effects for your mouth and teeth. This is the reason why Michael A. Macaluso, D.D.S., PC offers implant crowns as a longer-term treatment to amend your smile. To find out more information about this particular dental treatment, contact our practice in Houston, TX to schedule an appointment with Dr. Macaluso.

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